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Technological improvements and advances in educational design mean that e-learning is no longer just a low cost alternative to traditional training methods. In many respects our courseware offers training which is superior to the majority of available online options. Not only is the effectiveness of the training process enhanced, but also the convenience and overall cost efficiency of e-learning makes it a compelling option for training. You can learn at your own pace and can repeat each section as many times as required unlike in a classroom environment.

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PRINCE2® project management is used in approximately 70 countries worldwide and is by far the most popular project management methodology used in the UK in the private and public sectors.
Gaining a PRINCE2? Certification is highly recommended if you are considering project management as a career or are already working in a project environment as being PRINCE2® certified is a prerequisite for many Project Manager positions. .
The accredited PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner e-learning training course covers all aspects of the PRINCE2® Project Management method. The main body of the course consists of five lessons which cover an introduction to the method and basic concepts and Principles, through to the Themes and Processes which make up the PRINCE2® methodology.

What does this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course contains

Module 1 – Prince2 Foundation Introduction
Module 2 – Prince2 Foundation Overview
Module 3 – Organization Theme
Module 4 – Starting up a Project Process
Module 5 – Business Case Theme
Module 6 – Directing a Project
Module 7 – Initiating a Project Process
Module 8 – Plans Theme
Module 9 – Products based Planning
Module 10 – Risk Theme
Module 11 – Progress Theme
Module 12 – Change Theme
Module 13 – Controlling a Stage Process
Module 14 – Managing Product Delivery Process
Module 15 – Managing Stage Boundaries Process
Module 16 – Quality Theme
Module 17 – Closing a Project Process
Module 18 – Tailoring Prince2


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