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5 Days June 15 – 19

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Weekday: Mon – Fri (Friday: 10am – 1 pm, 3pm to 6pm (6 hours))

Weekends (Saturdays Only): Saturday: 10am – 1pm   and 3pm – 6pm (6 hours)


The intensive four-day CGEIT exam preparation course is designed to prepare professionals for the Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam. The course focuses on the key points covered in the CGEIT Review Manual 7th Edition and includes class lectures, group discussions/activities, exam practice and answer debriefs. The course is intended for individuals with familiarity with and experience in the governance of enterprise IT.

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Target Audience

This course is intended for:
• IT management looking for more efficient and effective practices to support the business
• Managers responsible for IT investments
• Compliance and Information Security professionals
• Senior IT management looking for more efficient and effective practices in managing resources including IT resources
• Organizational strategic managers
• CIO’s and IT Senior Manager


Before attending this course, candidates need to have:
• Previous IT governance, assurance/audit, security and/or management experience
• An understanding of the concepts, terminology, approaches, methodologies and techniques to govern the IT environment
• Managerial experience will be beneficial, but is not required

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Define Governance in all its practices with regard to business support
• Recognize the value vs. risk practices necessary for business success
• Recognize the changes needed to implement Enterprise Governance for any operation
• Know the Governance standards established for guidance affecting IT
• Identify major constraints to achieving governance success
• Identify potential tools and capabilities needed to implement Enterprise Governance
• Understand and recognize operational and investment reasons for governance implementation within their organization
• Recognize the need to govern IT as a business resource and measure its success in those terms
• Determine measures to validate governance success


Domain 1: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT
Domain 2: Strategic Management
Domain 3: Benefits Realization
Domain 4: Risk Optimization
Domain 5: Resource Optimization


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