Advanced Excel 2016

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Microsoft Excel 2016 Training at Makintoiuch aims to impart basic skills in using Excel to its best. Participants will learn to use statistical, math, and logical functions, organize data using filter and sort and effectively present data for quick decision making using charts and graphs.  Participants will also gain some advanced skills in Excel, such as using VLOOKUP, PivotTables, and Macros among others.

This Excel 2016 Course is ideal for any business user or student or beginners as well as advanced users who wish to maximize their productivity using Microsoft Excel 2016.


Microsoft Excel is very popular software program included in the Microsoft office suite and used to create spreadsheets documents which is laid out in rows and columns as a big table. Excel has become one of the most used software programs in the business world due to its supreme versatility and power.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular programs to use for analyzing and visualizing the tremendous amounts of data that we have collected. Learn how Microsoft Excel can manage and summarize your data.  Explore the features and wizards of Excel, learning how to master the new graphic and visualization tools to place you on the leading edge of new design.  Master data manipulation with PowerPivot and Pivot Tables, learn how to increase productivity with automation, macros and VBA.

This course goes well beyond the basics to help you get the most out of Microsoft Excel.  It concentrates on proven concepts and includes an array of work files so you can follow along and master the techniques.

Unleash the power of Excel to make accurate decisions based on your data, Excel’s abundant features, and the power of visualization.

Get beyond the basics and supercharge your current skill level in Excel. With this expert-led video training course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of more advanced Excel features that delve into high-level consolidation, analysis and reporting of financial information.

What You’ll Learn

• What’s new different in Excel 2016
• Advanced charting and graphing in Excel
• How to use detailed formatting tools
• Lookup and advanced lookup functions
• Financial functions including calculating interest and depreciation
• Statistical functions
• Connecting to other workbooks and datasets outside of Excel e.g. MS Access and the web.
• How to create awesome visualizations using sparklines and data bars
• Mastery of PivotTables and Pivot Charts
• Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver
• Advanced charts such as Surface, Radar, Bubble and Stock Charts





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